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YouTube: A Brief History of Australia

We’re always looking to expand our content at The World Unreported. To this end, we’re going to be posting regular Youtube videos in partnership with History and Stuff. The videos will be short and informative, centred on history and geopolitics. First up is a brief history of Australia –¬†An overview of Australian history; from prehistory to indigenous and European settlements,

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The Australian Holocaust: Extinction of the Aboriginal Tasmanians

There is little in British colonial history that casts as dark a shadow as what some have labelled the Aboriginal Tasmanian genocide. At the time of British settlement in 1803 there were an estimated four to seven thousand Indigenous Tasmanians, by 1847 there were just 147. While some mixed-race communities endured, the last full-blooded Tasmanian, Truganini, died in Hobart in

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